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Border Patrol Council - Local 1613 (San Diego, CA)


Last Updated: February 02, 2015

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Local 1613 related news (Print, Video, and Audio):

NC Times: "Border Patrol on Track in Hiring 6,000 New Agents" 04-11-08

Washington Times:   "Lawmen under siege along Mexico border"    11-15-07

Roger Hedgecock KOGO 600: Local 1613 Vice President Shawn Moran discussing the fence (MM) 10-15-07

San Diego Union Tribune: "National Guard Pulling Some Troops at Border"   09-22-07

North County Times: "National Guard to Begin Reducing Border Force"   04-15-07

Voice of SD: "How 41 Pages Helped Unseat Lam"    03-22-07

Federal Times: "President Signs Law to Build Border Fence"    10-26-06

Federal Times: "Overworked Border Patrol takes on prisoner transport duties"    10-12-06

Voice of San Diego: "As Border Gains Attention, So Does Agent Corruption"    10-09-06

Arizona Daily Star: Video Clip   09-25-06

Arizona Daily Star: "Barriers Have Failed Before"      09-25-06

Voice of San Diego: "Not Getting Caught, Dying"     09-21-06

Government Executive: "Piling Up On the Border"    08-01-06

San Diego Union Tribune: "Two Border Patrol Agents Reportedly Under Investigation    07-04-06

Washington Times:  "Group seeks parole denial for border agent killer" (Newton and Azrak)     06-12-06

Federal Times:   "When alien smugglers go free, morale suffers at Border Patrol"     06-07-06

North County Times:   "Issa wants more smugglers prosecuted"     05-27-06

Mississippi Press:   "Common Sense Shot Dead at the Border"     05-21-06

Washington Post:  "Border Reopens After Agent Kills Driver" (SYS Shooting)     05-20-06

Seattle Times:  "Probe sought in border death" (SYS Shooting)     05-20-06

Hawaii News Channel 2:  "Mexico calls for investigation into border shooting" (SYS Shooting)     05-20-06

LA Times:  "GOP Hopes High for New Border Efforts"     12-28-05

LA Times:  "Bush tackles U.S. border control puzzle"     12-28-05

San Gabriel Valley Tribune:   "Friends of the Border Patrol combat foes"     11-27-05

Press Enterprise:  "Enforcement Lax, Issa says" (Prosecutions)     11-24-05

SD Union Tribune:  "Rep. Hunter wants ocean-to-gulf fence"     11-05-05

SD Union Tribune: "Competing groups plan patrols along border" (Minutemen    09-10-05

SD Union Tribune: "Border czar eyes civilian helpers to assist agents"     07-21-05

Federal Times: "Dollars flow to improve border security" (MaxHR)     07-18-05

SD Union Tribune:  "Border-watch squabble" (Minutemen)    07-06-05

SD Union Tribune:  "2 Border Agents put on leave during probe"     06-09-05

North County Times: "Congressman proposes border fence from Pacific to Gulf of Mexico"     05-26-05



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