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Last Updated: October 06, 2010

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"This case has always been about the rule of law" - U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton in response to the case against Agents Ramos and Compean.  Now that we have learned that the prosecution knew Aldrete-Davila lied on stand and intentionally concealed the fact that he was a habitual drug smuggler, how about a new case against Sutton, Kanoff, and Judge Cardone in the name of "the rule of law".  Hey Chief Aguilar, do you still support your friend Johnny Sutton and his political trial on behalf of Mexico against two of your agents? 12-5-07

Local 1613 members: earn $50.00 for every new Union member you recruit - more 12-4-07

No Union meeting in December! 11-14-07

Local theme parks offer discounts to a broad class of employees (firefighters, law enforcement, and rescue personnel from federal, state, and local agencies (See below) 11-19-07

"Lawmen under siege along Mexico border" 11-15-07

Local 1613 members are invited to a cigar mixer charity event hosted by the San Diego Police Officers Association.  Please check the Union bulletin board at your station for the flyer.  If the flyer does not appear on your Union bulletin board, please ask your Lead Union Representative to post it. 11-01-07

DEPUTY GILMER HERNANDEZ IS FREE!  Check the Free Gilmer website for details. 10-17-07

Local 1613 would like to congratulate Dan Mais who was recently appointed to the Executive Board as Sergeant At Arms.  Dan Mais has been the Lead Union Representative at the Campo Border Patrol Station for the past two years.  During that time, Dan actively communicated with the Executive Board and informed us of his activities on behalf of Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Campo BPS.  Dan has done a tremendous job and the Executive Board is appreciative of his efforts as a volunteer for Local 1613. 10-13-07

Local 1613 announces two new offices devoted to providing information and assistance to our members.  Visit Member Resources to learn more about these two new programs. 10-13-07

Local 1613 published a new Media FAQ page - more  10-10-07

Local 1613 received a response regarding the OWCP grievance.  The Agency granted all of the remedies listed in the Union's grievance.  Congratulations to Ron Zermeno for a job well done and thank you to Labor Employee Relations Specialist Ralph DeSio for choosing to resolve the issues instead of ignoring them (10-9-07).  Grievance 09-24-07

Local 1613 would like to thank everyone who assisted with the Newton Azrak 40th Anniversary Memorial Service.  The families of both Newton and Azrak were especially grateful for the warm welcome they received from everyone who attended and helped them during their visit.  The Press Enterprise attended the event also and printed a story about the memorial service - read the article. 06-20-07

Border Patrol bargaining unit employees remain in AFGE and NBPC and are not included in the bargaining unit that was moved to NTEU.  This matter was resolved in a joint stipulation that was signed by CBP and NBPC in November 2004.  05-29-07

A San Clemente Border Patrol Agent analyzes the Border Patrol motto "Honor First", as it applies to some BP management officials.  Read more 04-27-07

Local 1613 is pleased to announce the appointment of Terence Shigg (SCM Lead Rep) as the Director of Health Services.  The Health Services Director is a new position which was created by splitting the original Health and Safety position into two positions.  Brian Henderson will now be the Director of Safety and Security, which is consistent with the duties he fulfilled as the H&S Director.  Terry Shigg will be responsible for overseeing and developing programs related to OWCP, EEO, FMLA, Fit for Duty Reviews, Peer Support Monitoring, and any other matter related to the health of our agents.  04-24-07

National Border Patrol Council delegates who attended the 2007 NBPC Convention in Corpus Christi, TX passed a resolution to provide PORAC coverage for ALL NBPC Locals.   Check with your local officers for more info. 03-01-07

Local 1613 responds to President Bush's comments about immigration 02-05-07

Are you one of the few who say you do not fear doing your job after reading about the case against Agents Ramos and Compean? Take a look at the most recent decision against a Border Patrol Agent from Brownsville.  Read the decision, which highlights the violations committed by the U.S. Attorney's office.  Due to this prosecution, Border Patrol Agent David Sipe has been out of a job since 2001.  01-29-07

Border Patrol Agents: Do you have confidence in Chief Aguilar? Participate with our poll. 01-26-07

Several important agenda items for the February 13, 2007 Union meeting were posted to the Union meeting page on December 12, 2006 and were discussed at the January 9, 2007 meeting.  Please visit the Union meeting page and check out these agenda items.  It is not too late to become involved with your Union, so why not start the new year by attending the Local 1613 Union meeting on February 13, 2007.  01-10-07

The Local 1613 membership passed a dues increase and the 2007 Budget at the general membership meeting tonight (December 12, 2006).  The dues increase was discussed during two previous monthly meetings (October and November) before a consensus was reached on the proposed increase.  The new dues amount will be $28.14, but the effective date of the increase will depend on when the Agency processes the increase.   Although the AFGE and NBPC per capita amounts have increased by $4.23 since the last dues increase in 2002, we believe this amount is more than adequate to provide for Local 1613 operations.  Additionally, we added line items in the budget for a new Local 1613 Widows and Orphans Fund, which will replace the existing Local 1613 Death Benefit, and a Local 1613 Legal Defense Fund, which will be used to provide legal defense for those rare occasions when a case falls outside the coverage of PORAC and the Legal Services Plan . 12-12-06

President Bush authorized an alternative plan for locality pay increases in 2007.  Get this, the alternative plan is necessary because of the war on terrorism!  Yes, that's right, the war on terrorism.  Meanwhile, illegal immigrants still run free in the safe-haven known as the United States because President Bush's war on terrorism does not include illegal immigrants residing in the United States illegally.  Dear President Bush: is it not true that  illegal immigrants are the reason for the war on terrorism?  12-04-06


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